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Casual vacation outfit August 18, 2013

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Total Cost: $22.50

Jeans thrifted $15

Belt Thrifted Goodwill $1.50 here

Ugg shoes Gift here

Blouse $1 here

Sweater Old Navy $5

(terrible iphone pic :(, But I got my big guy back! )

I loved this super simple outfit on our Family Vacation. We ended up in the Black Hills where the nights get a little chilly! I was so happy I packed for layers. During the day I wore this with denim shorts.  I am always cold, my hubs has literally said snuggling with me is like hugging a popsicle. He is always an oven so its just another way we balance each other out. I digress…

Back to the outfit. I wore this on a chilly evening sitting next to the campfire. The men were in the back ground chatting about work, football, and hunting. Tman was running around with his instant bffs he met at the campground. There I sat with nothing to do……Gasp

It is so funny how busy we really are! Lately I am so busy I literally cannot even keep my blog up to date with all of our projects, outfits, crafts, recipes, and mommy adventures! It felt good to be in the middle of a forest, with no reception, and absolutely not a care in the world. Wearing this comfy number ;)

God Bless!



3 Buck Chuck Emerald Green Maxi August 11, 2013

emerald maxi

Total Cost: $ 26

Emerald Maxi $3

Belt Platos $3 here and here

Purse Thrifted $10 here

Shoes Uggs Gift from the hubs

Watch Gift from the hubs

White Button up Thrifted $5

Old Navy Green Cardigan $5

Man I miss my nice camera!!

He took a jump of the tripod (I was being artsy, oops), and now he has a 3 week vaca at the repair shop :(. Oh well, we are lucky to have a runner up, and it isn’t too bad. Anyhoo back to business!

A few weekends ago it was chilly on Sunday, and I was not too bummed as I stated here it gave me the opportunity to layer :) I bought this maxi dress a the same time I got this one, but I splurged because this one was a whole $3!!

This is what the top part looks like:


Kinda cute for three dolllaaaasss!

I have yet to brave this dress without a cardigan, but I swear I am going too ;)

God Bless,



Announcement!!!! August 10, 2013

I have put this post off, because I didn’t necessarily know where to start…

Black Hills/ new adventure

This was a HUGE decision I weighed heavily,  involved so many prayers, most ending with question marks.

Early this summer I head about an awesome, unique career opportunity ….It is entirely different!!! The kind that deviates your path from all of what you previously expected. The more I stalked their website and asked around about them, the more I was intrigued and interested in this company. As one would expect from this post title I clearly interviewed, chewed my nails off  waited, and prayed for guidance. In the end I was presented with an excellent opportunity and graciously accepted the position.

Which meant I had to leave what I have come to feel comfortable with, eek … Leave all the women that have become a second family. Leave the place that became my work “home”. I have developed soooo much personally, professionally, and faithfully while being a part of this team. Not to mention, leave a path I have invested so much time and money into. Somehow in all of those fears I found peace with my decision, and that is when I knew I made the right decision, I concluded it must be a God thing.

So, what is this fantastic opportunity you ask?

I am going to join a EMR (electronic medical record) company as part of their implementation team. Enter jaw dropping response here

So you aren’t going to be a Nurse anymore?……(the first questions nearly everyone asks!)

Yes, I will always be a nurse, I am a nurse at heart. It is a field I am so passionate about, but I will be doing it from a different perspective. This is actually considered a nursing specialty known as, nursing informatics. Instead of providing hands on care and education directly to a patient, I will be providing education and encouragement to the clinicians, assisting in configuring software for each specific clinic,  and at times share my perspective as a Nurse. It is for a company I have literally heard nothing but good news about. They have become known in our community as having a awesome, unique working environment, with TONS of opportunity for growth. So there you have it, my big life changing adventure! I start Monday, and I am very excited!

Did I mention I can wear open toed shoes, Good bye OSHA regulations ;)

God Bless,



Stop To Smell the Weeds July 24, 2013

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My Saturday started out perfectly!!

It rained,

I slept in (every moms dream),

we had waffles and coffee,

followed by a stroll in the “forest” behind our house.

 It was a great adventures!

Stopping to smell the flowers

I thank the lord every day for this little man, he is my reminder to slow down to enjoy the simple things in life. When your nine weeds are beautiful,you must stop to smell them, and share with your mama….Man he is so sweet!

here mom sniff

“Here mom you have to smell these!”


He literally was trying to see just how high he could get his eyebrows….Pretty impressive!

thumbs up

I’m still worthy of a thumbs up!!! Yay for this mom he hasn’t gone to the dark side, yet.


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventures.

There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. “

Jawaharlal Nehru


I may hang this above my desk, there are days I feel like a weed myself.

stormy dog

Stormy basking in the sunshine, I swear she is smiling!


The momma

taking a rest

Taking a little break on some branches

dog love

She isn’t spoiled at all….notice the gun in his shirt ;)


The Princess of our castle

typical boy

The boy and his gun

bugs eye view

Trying to be artsy

happy dog

She is so loved!

boys bestfriend

A boys best friend!!


Let me introduce you all to the newest member of our circus crew, Shadow. Isn’t she adorable!

This Saturday I was reminded by my lovely crew to take time to soak up each and every memory we can make! Take time to smell some weeds, pick some dandelions, and create your adventure in the world.

God Bless,



Thinking Chair July 23, 2013

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                         It has been a looooooong time since I have had to use this concept with my little man. He is nine already (giant gasp), unfortunately for him I still see this little baby face when I look at him. Super unfortunate when his friends are around and I want to smother him with kisses, that are now wiped off. ***But, when no one is around he melts back into that little boy and loves to snuggle his mama (shhh don’t tell).

          Before he matured into the well mannered little man he is today he was a toddler, yikes! Somewhere early on in my parenting adventure I heard of this new spin on an old classic. Instead of  “time out” we adopted a “thinking chair”. It was amazing. I have since passed this trick on to many friends, with tons of positive feedback. My little guy is extremely literal. The thing about this concept is time outs are meant for thinking, reflecting, learning, and growing. However if that is not clearly outlined most kids just sit there wait for the allotted time to pass, and go back to whatever they were doing. Usually their foul mood has passed, but did they learn from that experience, mmm maybe.

When I sent little man to the” thinking chair ” (we had a designated spot everywhere we went) he knew he had to think while he was there. I, of course, did the classic rule of making him wait in correlation with his current age (ie 4 minutes for a 4 year old). Very early on I started asking him questions before he could get up. As he got older the questions and answers became more in depth. It was very important to me that he understood:

What actions led to the thinking chair

How those actions affected those around him

How he would feel if the situation were reversed

How he could have handled the situation in the future

How to right his wrong and apologize

This was a great exercise. He quickly learned what was expected when he was sent to think. There were even times when he sent himself there, and even now that he is older he will say he needs some time when he gets in a mood. That is so important for people to recognize when they just need to step back and gather their thoughts. The one thing I hear across the board from all of his teachers is how well mannered and thoughtful of others he is. He learned early on to think about how his actions and words can affect other people.

Anyone who has met me knows, I LOVE communication! This exercise with little man really developed our dialog in tough situations. To this day he is a great communicator and problem solver, and I thank that little Mator Chair where all of his thinking began! I know this may seem obvious to some people, but I was a YOUNG mom and this helped me a lot.

God Bless




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