God Give Me Your Eyes

I love this song! I thought it would be fitting to share it with you in combination with my Q & A post.

Don’t forget we are the hands and feet of Jesus!

Happy Friday and God Bless! Cassie


Friday Q & A

This week my friend, Joyce, and I were catching up. We both shared the ups and downs of our life since our last chat. One thing I loooooove about Joyce,  she always says in her sweet, wise voice, “give it to God.” We ended up discussing this idea of how difficult it can be as a human being to really let go and give our life to God. Sometimes I even find myself praying but I already have this idea of what the answer to my prayer “should” be. Hello, dear girl God is not Santa or the fast food window. I lose my grounding, and forget that I am not in control, as much as I try to think I am. Which brings me to my question. How do we keep our footings in our faith?

First of all, we are human, and we get lost only to be found again. Joyce and I each shared a few ideas we have come across to stay on track.

#1: Prayer List

Joyce shared with me that she keeps a prayer list. She also goes back and dates when the prayer was answered and how it was answered. What a great idea. She shared how often prayers are answered, and in ways one would never imagine.  God answers prayers, but sometimes we don’t give enough attention to that fact.

#2: Thankful List

I heard about this somewhere a long the lines. The women I heard about wrote a list of three things she is thankful for each day. This woman was diagnosed with cancer and as she started chemo she kept looking through her thankful list. She had listed her hair a year before she was diagnosed. Giving thanks for our blessings shouldn’t just be on thanksgiving. Even on our worst days there is always something to be thankful for, even if it is just the hair on our head.

#3: Give to Others:

It can be putting quarters in the salvation army bucket, helping someone out, or asking someone how they are doing (and listening for the answer!). When you open your heart and share joy with others, you receive joy yourself. Being able to give that to another human being is worth more than anything on a shelf in a store. Plus it is the gift that keeps giving.

 What makes your list of ways to stay grounded in faith?

God Bless!


PS don’t forget to submit your questions to adventuresofliving@yahoo.com

I love this boy! He topped my thankful list today!

In the last two days alone I have heard how he is such a hard worker, funny, and kind to those who don’t have their own voice (of course I already knew all of that, but it feels good to hear it too)! I am so proud of the little man he is becoming!

I am Inspired!!

Love this women’s holiday decor! This natural look is amazing. she has my house whooped!

 Check out The Butlers blog here

What a great way to wrap gifts! Menards has roles of brown paper for cheap! Grab some bags of scented pine cones ( I even put them in our fake tree to make them smell good) from your nearest craft store and some spruce bam! Love it

This framed art is gorgeous and brings it back to the true meaning of Christmas!

Thanks Leigh Anne for your inspiration!

God bless!


Deck the Halls

This time of year is here again! I love it. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! Of course to add to the cheer we have started decking our halls. I have decided this year I am going to add a little to our holiday decor collection. This is my first purchase!

Total Cost: $6.50

Leaf Tray $2 (Ybuys)

Pine cones $1.50 (JoAnn Fabric)

Holiday Balls $3 (Walmart)

I love this tray, and the pine cones are scented! I am going to changes this tray up for all of the seasons. Check out the photo below I could add some orange for fall…I haven’t figured out spring and summer. Any suggestions?

God Bless!


Intro to My First Place

When I first found this diamond in the rough I insisted that I did NOT want to become a homeowner. My mom persisted that I should really consider this short sale townhouse. She won…It was kind of hot a mess when I first took the keys in hand, but after years of watching HGTV I was very excited. THEN reality set in, and I realized just how much work it is to “update” a home. Of course typical Cassie style I had about a million and sixty-two things going on at once.

Just to give you an idea, here is a list of things we have done in the last two years (I purchased this townhouse in December 2010): bought the townhouse, met the love of my life after sifting through the uh..nonkeepers, went back to school, finished a degree, got engaged, planned a wedding, planned a honeymoon, got married, transitioned into a new role at work, remodeled the townhouse, sold it, and bought our current home. Did I mention I am a mom… What a blur.

Yep makes me want to take a deep breath sit on my buns and relax for about 15 minutes 😉 Now you know why I have such a coffee addiction!

So my plan is to show you room by room what we started with, and what we ended up with. Keep in mind I bought this home, because it was a great investment. Our updates were not extreme, fancy, or custom. We knew we didn’t want to over do it, or it would just eat up the profit. We ended up selling it for $20,000 more than what I purchased the home for. Of course we had realtor fees, update cost, but we still made a great profit!

First room on the list, the heart of every home…..The kitchen.

Lets point out some of the great features in this kitchen..

Those shelves used to have bifold doors (yep pretty sure I took them down during my first trip in the house, you could not open the doors simultaneously with the fridge or stove.)

Not to mention those shelves were a little on the uuuuuugly, awkward side

The custom light fixtures ie the previous owners spray painted the brass fixtures with fake silver spray paint

The walls were very dark

Those miniblinds….Ugh after living in apartments in college I HATE plastic miniblinds

I added tons of clutter just to polish off the ugly 😉

Here is the After

Total Cost: $118

Decor (curtains, rug, mirror): $50

Majority of decor we already had: FREE

Paint: $20

Door hinges: $20

Light fixtures: 2/$10

Shelf backing: $18

Some close ups…be prepared!

Thanks for reading!

God Bless